“To inspire, empower and propel the lives of millions by instilling self-confidence and belief, by creating a positive mindset”.

Hi i’m Lisa…

I am a huge believer in our experiences guiding us to where we are now. For many years I could not understand why situations were happening to me until I discovered the mindset study I now teach. My thoughts were creating my reality.

Being a Mother, Step-Mother, Partner and a great friend, have created amazing insights and wisdom, coupled with learning about myself, how I think, why I think the way I do and how to turn every thought to my best advantage. I now count calm, clarity and focus among my attributes.

These not only benefit my clients, including performers, music and television industry executives and artists, but also my children.

If proof were needed that these incredible methods gain effective results, my daughter is the globally acclaimed singer and performer, Louisa Johnson and youngest ever winner of The XFactor in 2015, at the age of just seventeen.

Having coached since 2006, and continually studying with Bob Proctor, renowned motivational coach and Law of Attraction teacher, I have encountered many incredible individuals who want to be happier, more confident and know their self-worth. Through working together, it has been a total honour to inspire them to reach their potential by guiding them to realise that exactly what they wanted was already within.

Based near London, United Kingdom, I began to my own journey of self-development after experiencing divorce and intense spinal surgery. These adversities were instrumental in my passion of empowering others.

The analogy of myself is that I literally have a spine made of steel.

Together we will build on what is already within you.


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