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Facebook Subscription Group
BreakfastBoost Club

Everything starts with a thought and the hugely successful BreakfastBoost is proof of this. Where focus goes, energy grows. If you are feeling lost, stuck or in need of building confidence and self-esteem, BreakfastBoost Club is a great place to start.

This daily Facebook Closed Group (for your privacy) has progressed rapidly and provides, not only, uplifting insights into how to better your mindset, raise awareness and become more positive but also offers a supportive, honest and uplifting community where by logging in regularly will keep you accountable to your choice to change. The group is a safe space for you to be open, accepted for who you are and gain motivation as Lisa gives a positive twist on day to day life which will raise your awareness and get you thinking that you CAN do and BE whoever you choose.

Present members describe BreakfastBoost Club as:

 “A great group lead by a genuine and real woman, Lisa, who is not afraid to be herself. The group offers support for the positives and negatives in a non-judgemental way”.

 “A very supportive and lovely group that makes me feel calm, happy and that I feel I can do anything I set my mind to”.

 “The group is designed to be very open and honest. It’s filled with inspirational people…and reminds us to be kind always and makes me feel connected, supported and accepted”.

 “This group has been my rock. I instantly became part of the “family” and was supported, motivated. I am in a much better place”.

 “This group has changed my life and outlook for the better”.

 “A comforting safe place of wonderful people who make me feel at home”.

You too can be part of this. For just £27 each month you will receive:

BreakfastBoost – Daily burst of on-line coaching at 8am UKTime Monday-Saturday and a video each Sunday. This starts your day with uplift. All lives are available to watch back and review at anytime.

One evening each week, Lisa provides a 30-minute live evening coaching session for Q & A and to share more ideas with you.

Throughout the week regular posts are made to keep you on track and there for you to remain accountable to yourself.

Members are encouraged to share and support each other to build confidence and to realise that all their experiences could guide someone else. Lisa has a daily presence to respond to you in addition to the many incredible people only too willing to help and support.

NO contract – Why not give one month a try and see for yourself.

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