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Lisa Hawkyard is a kind, knowledgeable, wise and giving woman. As a coach, she gives the most sound advice that leads to positive and measurable results. She is one of the most intelligent and brilliant people I know. Study and learn from her as she can help you in more ways than you’ll ever imagine.

Peggy McColl

New York Times Best Selling Author

I’m impressed by the work Lisa does with her clients. She digs deep with them to uncover their blocks then gently guides them to acknowledge then defeat them.

Mick Peterson

International Best Selling Author

I am so grateful for all the help I am having from Lisa and her entire online subscription community in such a short time. It’s incredible how one person can bring people of different backgrounds, professions and age together and make a change to all individuals’ mindsets through daily contact with the community. Lisa uses very effective methods, from goal setting to humorous analogies of daily situations. It really improved my attitude towards many problems I have been facing for a long time. Highly recommend.

Victoria Chevchuk


I am me. The more I say it the more I smile. What an amazing mindset to have and that’s all coached by Lisa Hawkyard. Things in life get us down but with a simple change in the mind that can all be avoided. I cannot recommend Lisa enough. As a performer/teacher in the musical theatre and dance industry, this information has taught me that I can do it. It just needs a different mindset and patience. Thank you so much and everyone should give time to this type of coaching.

Charlie Staunton

Vocal Coach/Dance Teacher - Echo Studios, Hornchurch, UK

Lisa helped me realise a whole lot of things in our sessions that helped me set the tone for the day. I am so grateful that she took the time to coach me despite the seven hour difference here in Canada and ensured she made it work.

Rosangela Spadafora De Vincenzo

Mum and Nursery School Owner

I first began working with Lisa in January 2017. I was in desperate need of some focus in my life. My self-worth was low and I had no confidence in achieving things for my own gain. Lisa and the subscription group, coupled with completing the Gimme 5 program, have helped me turn my life around, improve all areas of my life and even push forward with my business. I will forever be grateful for what Lisa has taught me.

Lisa Buck

Founder, The Vegan Owl

I met Lisa at a point in my life where I was feeling lost and uncertain what to do next. I had reached a point at the end of a path career wise and needed to make a change in order to regain my motivation. Lisa helped me to calm the noise in my head, listen to my instincts and to work out that what I really wanted to do was to set up my own business. She was instrumental in helping me to shift from old behaviour patterns to new habits that gave me confidence. I have never been happier and cannot thank Lisa enough for her guidance and patience enabling me to finally get to the place that I had always wanted to be. I wholeheartedly recommend Lisa her programs for anyone looking to improve any area of their life.

Carlo Dinardo

Founder - Paper BM

Every time I connect with Lisa she has a way of helping me feel at ease and relaxed where I feel she is genuine and real. She provides a space where I feel I can share anything without judgement or without projecting her own objectives. With Lisa I know I will be heard and valued. If you want to be heard and create progressive change in your life, then I would highly recommend Lisa.

Stephanie Harris

Self Growth and Progress Coach

Lisa has a lovely energy about her putting people at ease immediately, which combined with her skill for easily accessing where her clients are at, make her work bespoke and tailored to each clients individual needs. She communicates well and is easily able to break through barriers. Lisa works with her heart and genuinely wants the best for her clients offering them a number of ways to feel empowered.

Sheena Ladwa

Director, Ultimate Artists.

I went to Lisa for help and found her to be so approachable and was comfortable opening up to her. She guided me to realise how to live for today and not in the past, to let go of where I am and embrace who I am, so realising my strengths. Her words and suggestions were the help I needed to get me back on track and are techniques and tools I will always use.

Rachel Beechey

Mum and Business Woman.


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