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Change Your Mind. Change Your World.

Stop That Negative Self Talk!

If nothing changes, then nothing will change.

Maybe, you wonder why things keep happening to you or perhaps you feel you are stuck in a downwards spiral feeling frustrated.

Lisa Hawkyard, The Mother Of All Coaches, Mindset Expert and Coach, has created this e-book to give you an insight into how effective these mindset principles are and how they can turn your mind around for the better.

Once we are aware of how we think and the impact, both positively and negatively, that these thoughts have on your every day life, things can begin to change.

Lisa has created this insightful e-book for you to gain steps as to how to avoid self-sabotage and especially, negative self-talk.

By embracing these principles, it’s possible to begin to create a new mindset.

In this short e-book discover:

 How to be aware of those negative thoughts that hold you back.

 How to break the cycle and reaction to negative situations.

 How to change your thoughts to benefit you and those around you.

 How to make friends with your own mind and create the life you want.

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